Bees Knees

Why should I think negative thoughts

When there are swans

and ponds

and palm fronds

and a great beyond

beautiful butterfly wings

and little pretty things

and children playing on swings

and peaceful churchbells ring
Why let those idiots get to me
When there are breezes through the trees

and teases tickling cheeks

and kneeses on the bees

and podses for all the peas
Why let them drag me down
When there are warm sticky buns

and sparkling lakes under the sun

and baby lambs who run just for fun

and the moments when I realize the Many are really One
And most of all, what keeps my happiness in view

angels above keep us true

and there is enough when it’s just we two

and especially my love for you

-Cronin Detzz



The byzantine way of the ant
is slow and arduous
tedious and treacherous
Marching onward with his grain of food
hoping that he knows the way home

We hear the rain pattering on the roof
while the ant hears ant-sized water droplets
pummeling his armor
flooding his path home

Like a warrior, he marches on
tunneling in the dark, if he must
still carrying his parcel
dodging the horrific cannon balls of rain drops
never losing faith that he can make it home

O! If I had the faith of that ant
pressing on, dodging the difficulties of my life
carrying the parcel of my soul
believing that I am armored and protected
knowing that I am never alone, wherever I roam
and I could, finally at last, reach my beloved home

11/28/13 – Cronin Detzz

Photo copyright David Cobbold
Way of The Ant