Gray Is Still A Color, Right?

​In that infinite gray void

Where little lost souls swim

I float into the epicenter

And peacefully wait for Him
The entire choir ascends higher

Rising with one transcendent voice

I long to hear, to fly, to open the eye

But I’m not given that choice 
Although I cannot hear them

They are there to soothe my fears

I am trapped in the warm gray void

Cotton clouds stuffed into my ears
In the realm of absolute nothing

I wonder why im so blind

Gray is still a color, right?

The vapor cloud around the mind
I’ll keep swimming into the void 

Cry a thousand colorless tears 

When this student is truly ready

The master then appears

– Cronin Detzz


How Much of Yourself Do You See in Your Protag?

You’ve been through a lot. You’ve seen amazing highs and dreadful lows. And you injected this into your protagonist, as you should.

In your novels, you crafted world’s that pieces of you could survive. That’s a powerful testament to the life you were given.

Yes, you may have killed off characters, but those deaths served a purpose to your storyline. Sometimes, those are pieced of your life which needed purging. If the good guy does away with the bad guy, the good guy is triumphant. Your story may be more complex than that; there may be ambiguous feelings and tragedy interwoven in the characters who leave the story, but you’ll probably find triumph, too.

Wishing you a life of triumphs through tragedies. 

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz