35,000 Feet Over Tennessee 

​There’s a girl at a piano

Chestnut ringlets around her face

Smiling at her sheet music 

Writing her perfect notes into place
A tired old man, dingy white shirt

Sinks into the grooves of his chair

Dishes piled high in the sink

Since Beth died, he just doesn’t care
A toddler chases his puppy

Together they find a field of clover

His mamma marvels at his energy 

Wishes this day would never be over
A war veteran stares at his I.V. drip

The sudden blast still etched on his brain

His legs will recover, someday

But his mind will never be the same
A sophomore sprints across campus

Earbuds shoved away in a hurry

Not sure if he picked the right major

And that last test has him lost in worry
And then there’s me, flying alone

knowing He sees this all

He saw my rise, my accomplishments,

He catches me when I fall
How would I appear to those who see?

An astral projection of both loss and glory?
A woman with dark chasms in her aura 

Who lost her son too soon 

Who grieves her boy every moment 

Loving him from here to the moon
But her story ain’t over yet

She has to go on living awhile 

Ashes in pocket, Chicago in a locket

Thankful for 18 years of his smile
2016 Cronin Detzz (On my way to Chicago with my son’s ashes. I intuited that I was over Tennessee, getting images of people below. Flight tracker confirmed it was Tennessee)


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