As Above: Understanding Poetry

As Above
I dreamt the world was sleeping
And awoke to find it true
Reality is worn like a straight jacket
until they awake and see You

I swam in a summer ocean
and a current ripped me away
Paddling against the raw power
You lifted me up to live another day

The convict, the jailer, the judge
The ocean, the dreamer, and me
All are drenched in your essence
Born blind of your divinity

I sang a song of eternal hope
I smiled at a mirror of love
This world is a film negative
And as below, so above
2016 – Cronin Detzz

There is a saying that goes: As above, so below. Could the reverse also be true?

That’s the creamy center of a poem. An impactful poem will have a central idea. Identify what you are trying to say and your message will get through to your reader. 

Whether our current existence is reality is an intriguing idea. I like to think that when we are dreaming, that is our reality. When we wake up, we recognize that indeed, we were dreaming and our daily lives become our new reality. When we die, will we experience the same awakening?  Will we say, “Ah, yes. Now I see. My time on earth was just a dream, and my nightly somber was just a dream within a dream.”

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you.

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz



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