Your Novel: Get Your Facts Straight!

“They’ll think I’m crazy!” cried the mayor. “They’ll impeach me!” (Chapter 24, Expect Resistance).

My work in progress takes place in Chicago. My fictional mayor is blackmailed into giving a speech he finds incredible. He worries that people will think he’s crazy, which leads to concerns about impeachment.

Except Chicago doesn’t have voter recall or impeachment. I’m grateful I stopped to check that fact and rewrote that paragraph.

Works of fiction are somewhat grounded in reality. Remember this as you craft your novel. Unless you’re writing from a fantasy genre or a story with unique world building, it’s best to keep some facts straight.

Has anyone ever called you out on a fact in your book, or have you been hiccuped out of your suspension of disbelief by bad facts while reading? I’d live to hear from you.

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


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