I finally receive clarification of a recurring dream from the dawn of civilization.


Like many people, I retain snippets of dreams each morning. However, I’m often left with bizarre words that take time to unravel.

Like Bilqis. My first thoughts last week: “did I hear that right? Was it Biquip? Bilks?”

It was Bilqis. The Queen of Sheba, from 1,000 BC. This information helped me to pinpoint a location: Ethiopia.

The recurring dream shows a tribal conflict. In the dark of night, a large faction splits off and builds three large boats in secret. They gather all their supplies, and with torches in hand they row across the dark sea to find a new land.

Leaving behind everything they know is the only way to restore peace. They are afraid but they are also afraid to show their fear. So they press on into the unknown with their warrior-like leader, Gilgamesh.

I see the route they take. I see the same route every time I have this dream. Today, I finally looked at our globe to pinpoint where they came from.

From Ethiopia, they cross the Gulf of Aden and land in Yemen. Ethiopia is rumored to be the kingdom of Sheba. Sheba was born a thousand years after Gilgamesh.

One of the smaller boats became lost and settled in Socatra.

In last night’s final episode, I am Shamhat, the royal courtesan who tames Enkidu. Enkidu was a rival of Gilgamesh but after Shamhat tamed him, Enkidu and Gilgamesh became best friends.

What my dream showed was that Gilgamesh was crucified. The epic story of him does not confirm this. Shamhat wept more than anyone as he was lifted on the cross. In a Christ-like way, he accepts his fate and instructs Shamhat to do the same. He willingly surrenders his spirit to the Lord.

When I woke up, my body was in the same position as Gilgamesh on the cross.

Before last night’s dream, I knew next to nothing about his story. I did some research today; Sparknotes has the best recap.

Dreams can be a fascinating building block to story writing. Keep a dream log.

Has a dream log helped your writing?

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


2 thoughts on “HOT TIP: USE A DREAM LOG

  1. I don’t keep a dream log, but I do record those that can be remembered and are remarkable in one way or another. It’s a variable feast; sometimes HD with vivid colors. Other times it’s snippets of nonsense. My odd words (so far): binnick and widdershins. The latter means to go counterclockwise; the former nothing that I have found.

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