Your Redundancy is Boring!

I’m enjoying a book with a great plot.  Sorta.

I wish I could have been a beta reader for the author, before he published his book, so that I could show him his redundant phrases. It’s irksome.

The writing is similar to this:

His eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep. His team was worried about his exhausted appearance. He rubbed his eyes. They were red.

Are there certain phrases you could tighten up? A common novice mistake is inefficiency.


He rubbed his bloodshot eyes, hoping his team wouldn’t notice.

Heres a link for  more tips on efficient writing (caveat: I don’t always agree with taboo phrases, but this post gives you the general idea):

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


2 thoughts on “Your Redundancy is Boring!

  1. You said that you wish you could have been a reader for the author. I was wondering 1) at what point you seek readers, 2) how does one go about finding suitable readers, 3) what exactly does a reader (not editor) do, and 4) how much do they get paid?

    • I would seek beta readers when it’s nearly done, but other writers typically search out readers after the book is published because reviews are needed.

      Beta readers should not be friends or family, unless you have a brutally honest relationship with them.

      There definitely are reader groups out there. When I get a chance, I’ll compile a list and send it out. The group I involved in is Windy City Reviews and it is for Chicago writers.

      The only payment a reader should receive is a copy of your book, along with little goodies like your business card or custom bookmark.

      Excellent questions and thanks for asking!

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