Symbols as A Literary Device


This is the first thing I saw on my flight into SW Florida. As a literary device, a rainbow symbolizes hope and new beginnings.

Have fun using these in your creative writing. Other items you may want to consider include bridges, stormy weather, and rite of passage events (like a teenager getting his first razor).

What literary devices have you used?

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


3 thoughts on “Symbols as A Literary Device

  1. I wish I could remember, sigh! Although I remember the too-cutesy thing of changing the name of an Eastern European woman in a memoir to the word in Slovak that means heartless (she was; I Googled it). No one has noticed so far. Guess I don’t have too many readers who read that language.

  2. I love using weather to capture the scene. I’ve read other authors who use objects amazingly well. For instance, a creepy doll or a painting, where the character swears the eyes are following her.

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