A few years ago, an amazing storyline popped into my mind. What if animals took over the world? Would they need some amazing skill, like knowledge of technology, maybe? Would they need military prowess?

I see commercials promoting an upcoming TV adaptation of James Patterson’s “Zoo” about animals attacking humans. Animal domination is certainly not a new idea, but the way any story is told is unique for each book, so I’m hanging my hat on the idea that readers will like my own special plot and fun characters.

How I solved my animal problem:

I enjoy Native American studies, and I had been working on a precolumbian story of my own. At one of the pow wows, the elder told us some stories and asked if we had questions.  My boy raised his hand and asked, “Why weren’t they able to kick out the Europeans? I wish your people had been able to keep your land.”

The elder smiled. He said, “Well, we did come close. But our main problem was language. You speak an American form of English. We speak many languages, and some of our languages are very complex.” The elder then went on to teach us some Lakota words.

Eureka! This was the special skill my animal story needed – a way for the animals to communicate. With some kind of common language, they could coordinate their efforts and take the planet back.

But did I want a cartoon – style talking duck/dog/mouse? Not really. Disney owns that.

Instead, I created one small, mythical animal who has the ability of inter-species communication. It is working well, and I can’t wait to finish writing my book, “Expect Resistance.” It’s been a blast to figure out how our four-legged friends could take over the world.

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


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