Monkey mind, come and take a seat
Rest now, weary bones, tired, aching feet
A profitable torment, a nightly treat
Frustrating, yes, but I’m unwilling to be beat

Glorious blue window, to you I bow
Hasten the immediate rawness of here and now
I don’t know when, Lord, but I do know how
Tilling karmic fields with Maya’s imaginary plow

Loosen the knot of body and mind
Seeking, knocking, it is time to find
Swimming through love and light combined
Hearing heaven’s bell is a lovely sort of blind

The viscuous dark couldn’t be more black
But like a zealous warrior I continue my attack
It oppresses my attention, waiting for me to crack
Me against my mind, daily I fight back

My thoughts written in blood across the sky
Tired of this game of separation between you and I
You said I never really left and will never really die
Open the blue window, beyond heaven we shall fly
-Cronin Detzz


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