Amazing Florida Path: In Pictures

Today’s walk was certainly eventful!  Halfway through the walk, I began to wonder if I could summon certain creatures to me.  It actually worked! Enjoy a bit of prose and some amazing photos of nature in Southwest Florida. – Cronin Detzz
the path I walk is lonely
flotsam of brown leaves
no humans to chat with



the things of my community:
campfires, bottles of bubbly drink
are foreign to these creatures

2015 Heron

we talk along the path
but it is only one-way listening
hearing the woodpecker rattle a tree
my light footfalls echo a tempo

“Alert!” cries the mockingbird
“Go away!” chitters the squirrel

2015 Squirrel


dragonfly wings hum of days of dragons
red-shouldered hawk laughs

2015 Hawk

pausing at the cypress knees


a gator salutes me
and slips onto the drink

2015 Gator
a lizard does his push ups
and a grackle spears him for lunch


a cloud rolls, thunder tolls

2015 Pond and Sky

seventh inning stretch
and it’s cardinal=1, blue jays=0

2015 Cardinal 2015 Blue Jay vignette

the frog chides
the snake hides

2015 SnakeGrass
the turtle plops
a useless fence flops

2015 Useless Fence


ferns hosted in a palm tree
would they host me?

2015 PalmFerns

a lazy “s” stands alone
fairies call this home

2015 Fairie Circle


so alone I’ll be
just the path and me

-Cronin Detzz


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