The Book

The Book
I walked to the corner
The wind blew something
Turning, dancing on breezes

It was a scrap of paper
With my name on it
I grabbed it


I kept walking,
until I found a whole page
“In the beginning,” it started
Followed by angst and lollipops and poverty and carnivals
All the things that childhood can be

I walked on, thousands of miles
Collecting scraps
Waiting for the story’s climax
Watching my character’s arc

“She walked two thousand miles and stopped at a pool hall,” it said
“I’ll have another,” he said over the din
“Rack ’em,” said another

I turned to look
And after 40 years, stopped walking
Because there you were, an entirely new book to read

We combined the scraps and the paragraphs and the pages
Wrote our own epic
Happily ever after
– Cronin Detzz


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