Monkey mind, come and take a seat
Rest now, weary bones, tired, aching feet
A profitable torment, a nightly treat
Frustrating, yes, but I’m unwilling to be beat

Glorious blue window, to you I bow
Hasten the immediate rawness of here and now
I don’t know when, Lord, but I do know how
Tilling karmic fields with Maya’s imaginary plow

Loosen the knot of body and mind
Seeking, knocking, it is time to find
Swimming through love and light combined
Hearing heaven’s bell is a lovely sort of blind

The viscuous dark couldn’t be more black
But like a zealous warrior I continue my attack
It oppresses my attention, waiting for me to crack
Me against my mind, daily I fight back

My thoughts written in blood across the sky
Tired of this game of separation between you and I
You said I never really left and will never really die
Open the blue window, beyond heaven we shall fly
-Cronin Detzz


Please shut up: Why self-promotion as an author doesn’t work. — whimsydark


Excellent article by Delilah Dawson on writers in social media. She states that we should pull, not push.

She highlights the pitfalls of social media, and I especially agree with her on her views of Facebook. She doesn’t mention G+, but I really enjoy the time I spend there. Maybe that’s all we can do – keep writing our books and use social media for fun and sharing.

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz

Amazing Florida Path: In Pictures

Today’s walk was certainly eventful!  Halfway through the walk, I began to wonder if I could summon certain creatures to me.  It actually worked! Enjoy a bit of prose and some amazing photos of nature in Southwest Florida. – Cronin Detzz
the path I walk is lonely
flotsam of brown leaves
no humans to chat with



the things of my community:
campfires, bottles of bubbly drink
are foreign to these creatures

2015 Heron

we talk along the path
but it is only one-way listening
hearing the woodpecker rattle a tree
my light footfalls echo a tempo

“Alert!” cries the mockingbird
“Go away!” chitters the squirrel

2015 Squirrel


dragonfly wings hum of days of dragons
red-shouldered hawk laughs

2015 Hawk

pausing at the cypress knees


a gator salutes me
and slips onto the drink

2015 Gator
a lizard does his push ups
and a grackle spears him for lunch


a cloud rolls, thunder tolls

2015 Pond and Sky

seventh inning stretch
and it’s cardinal=1, blue jays=0

2015 Cardinal 2015 Blue Jay vignette

the frog chides
the snake hides

2015 SnakeGrass
the turtle plops
a useless fence flops

2015 Useless Fence


ferns hosted in a palm tree
would they host me?

2015 PalmFerns

a lazy “s” stands alone
fairies call this home

2015 Fairie Circle


so alone I’ll be
just the path and me

-Cronin Detzz

The Book

The Book
I walked to the corner
The wind blew something
Turning, dancing on breezes

It was a scrap of paper
With my name on it
I grabbed it


I kept walking,
until I found a whole page
“In the beginning,” it started
Followed by angst and lollipops and poverty and carnivals
All the things that childhood can be

I walked on, thousands of miles
Collecting scraps
Waiting for the story’s climax
Watching my character’s arc

“She walked two thousand miles and stopped at a pool hall,” it said
“I’ll have another,” he said over the din
“Rack ’em,” said another

I turned to look
And after 40 years, stopped walking
Because there you were, an entirely new book to read

We combined the scraps and the paragraphs and the pages
Wrote our own epic
Happily ever after
– Cronin Detzz