Twice this week, I saw buildings described as nondescript. Can we switch that for a more powerful word? Sounds ironic, I know. But it irks me.

If an object is nondescript, then in our quest for efficient writing, said object should not be worth mentioning if it is nondescript.


A boring, nondescript wall

Let’s substitute better adjectives for some of our words. We could say a building is unassuming,  maybe. Or show how unassuming it is by saying a drab gray building was tucked away into a forgotten corner. Or show it through a character’s internal dialog: He walked past that building dozens of times and never noticed it before.

I once read about a character’s clothing – yep, nondescript. How about humble or simple or drab? I like those descriptors better. What do you think?

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


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