Happy St. Brigid’s day!  Do you have a special space where you do your best writing? Where is it?

St Bridgit-Cronin Detzz

If you do not have a sacred space, why don’t you?

I  have several crosses in my home, crudely made by my own hands, as a tribute to St. Brigid.  She is also known as St. Bridget, St. Brigid or Brigit of Kildare.

She is a fascinating Irish saint, revered especially for childbirth, smiths, AND POETS.  As a poet with Irish-American heritage, I feel a special bond with her (my great-great grandmother’s name was Bridget O’Flaherty of Limerick, Ireland).  When I feel any kind of writer’s block or have a special need to search for just the right word, I glance at one of the crosses and think of her creative blessings and thank her.

St. Brigid was a nun.  Some say that she helped pregnant women, thus one of her blessings is in childbirth.  In Ireland, there are more crosses dedicated to her than to any other saint.

If I am working on a book then I write at my desk or in my easy chair.  If I am writing a poem, I prefer to sit at the kitchen table where I can lovingly absorb my family’s energy and gaze at St. Brigid’s crosses.  Writers write anywhere – I’ve been known to scratch poems onto a checkbook because it was the only scrap of paper on me – but having a sacred writing space seems to make the energy flow more easily.

If you don’t already have a special writing area, consider creating your own little sanctuary.  Fill it with your favorite pens and pencils, organize your writings into different files, and display photos and creative artwork nearby.  Put a comfy pillow on your chair.  If you want to make a cross for St. Brigid, you can find instructions at the following link:

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz



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