This beautiful coat of arms, bearing my husband’s last name, came to me in a dream last week. I was stunned when I saw this today at a Celtic fair. It made me realize what a sense of humor that the universe has, and how things magically manifest in my life repeatedly.

It got me wondering – why did I start a blog entitled Writer’s Block? Would this ever become a problem for me?

To some degree, yes. I do struggle with writer’s block sometimes. It has been quite a problem lately, but I ascribe this to the insane amount of time and energy it takes to move 2,500 miles and start a new job.

As I drifted off to dreamland last night, I told the universe that having a blog with the title writer’s block means a block of wood or a block of paper. Or maybe a block party.

So I’m hoping that my subconscious heard the little white lie and accepted the new framework. It’s a block party for writers, okay? Okay.

Maybe I need a new title. “A Million Bucks for Every Author.” Or: “Perfect Health and Peace for Writers.”  Let’s manifest something great!

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


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