Stay ahead of the pain
Trip and fall, get up again
Umbrella strains against aches that cascade like rain
Steel your will
Swallow the pill

Epsom salts and prayers to a saint
Foggy brain but fake it til I faint
Sleep half a day
Get up again and pray
Was there ever a time when I didn’t feel this way?

Demon daggers pierce my gut
A deeply grooved path, stuck in a rut
Averse to complaints, I silently whine
I curse the day I stepped into this body of mine
Don the mask that  says, “I’m fine”

Go on, girl, it’s just a test
Faith in yourself, and water and rest
How can I explain to you how much I ache
My head, my feet, my heart daily break
What are the spoils this victor might take?

I don’t know, but I weave hope into my voice
Fibroic enemy resides deep inside
And anyway, I really have no choice
– Cronin Detzz



  1. Not sure if you got my other comment. Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you. I have lupus sle/ra/broken back fusion. I understand, as much as I can, the difficulty with writing and dealing with pain and sickness. Know that I’m here if you ever feel like talking. Sending best wishes!

    • Lee thank you so much. I wish you all the best on your journey through Lupus and all the challenges this brings. Thankfully, the universe gave some of us the ability to write through pain. Keep writing sweet woman, keep writing

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