Why I Quit Writing And Started Living


I hope that I never reach this point; I love words and get great satisfaction from writing. I do sometimes feel the joy of reading leaking out of my pores as I read a story and see too much telling, plot holes, repeated phrases, and an abundance of adverbs.

If a story draws me in deeply, it is easier to turn the inner critic off.

Anyone else suffer from this?

Keep writing and keep sharing – Cronin Detzz


3 thoughts on “Why I Quit Writing And Started Living

  1. Like Renee I find it difficult to just read and not to analyze along the way. But, unlike her, for me it doesn’t take the enjoyment out of a good book. I could never quit writing, no matter how hard it is at times. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I weren’t writing. Being a writer is who I am, and that suits me just fine.

  2. I am also analyzing the structure, taking tips from a great scene, or criticizing. The latter has a point system from one to ten, though I never realized it until now. Once I reach ten, I put the book down, never to pick it up again. Though as a writer, I will not then get on and say, “I couldn’t finish it.”
    As a reviewer for Windy City, how do you handle books that you can’t finish?

    • I definitely understand your quandary and thank you for raising such a great question. I always finish a book that I’ve committed to reviewing; there lessons to glean from any style of writing. If I am reading for pleasure, I also will quit the book as you have. If a book is poor, I will not provide public comment. Instead I would offer opinion directly to the writer. In the case of Windy City Reviewers, you should comment directly to the person who submitted the request to you. I work with Dan Burns at Windy City and if I were in your shoes, I’d let him know.

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