“Dad, you had to CARRY your cell phone in your pocket?!”

Rotary Phone Cronin Detzz

My teenage son and I recently pondered what the future holds. What will persist and what will perish? What will his children and his grandchildren find hilarious about the previous generations?

Just in my son’s short lifetime, he has never:
– Used a rotary phone or heard a busy signal
– Saved a file to a floppy disk
– Seen the fuzzy gray static of a TV station off the air
– Turned a knob to change a TV station
– Rolled down a car window with a crank handle

Here is a list of possible questions his children might ask:
– You had to carry your cell phone in your pocket?
– You had to pump noxious gas into your car?
– Grandma wrote checks, and her signature was as good as the amount of money she had? How was that legal? It was like she was printing her own money.
– There were places where your phone would not have a connection?
– What’s a Twinkie?

Here is another list, much more insidious:
– You could carry a little book that allowed you to leave the country?
– There were places in the wild that you could go and no one could find you?
– You could refuse to consent to a search from a police officer?
– You weren’t required to join the military?
– You could make jokes and draw cartoons about the president?
– You could own guns?
– You could vote?

These are the very questions that fantasy writers attempt to solve. I have a deep respect for any novelist who ponders the future of technology and the direction of our political and socio-economic progress. Ask the younger generation what they believe the future will hold and you will have a great writing prompt.  Answers to these questions could make a solid foundation for a fantastic book.

What do you think the future generations will find funny about our way of life? Leave a comment!

Keep writing & keep sharing – Cronin Detzz


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