House to Home-Cronin Detzz

This poem is an example of a double Etheree poem. Each line contains a measured number of syllables, rising up to 10 syllables and then back down to one. They are fun to write. I challenge you to come up with your own!

my life
trailer park
Krishna temple
African mud hut
in the Atlas mountains
Costa del Sol, scorching Spain
crumbling Chicago apartments
Colorado A-frame, rushing stream
Las Vegas million-dollar mansion
Serene lakeside cottage: deer, frogs, birds
Air Force base, jets screaming freedom
Desolation and rainbows
Searing heat, bitter wind
Hell holes and prairies
Hated and loved
Run away
Run to

I have lived in all these places, both humble and grand. My family moved A LOT; my sister and I attended 13 different schools. It was hard to be uprooted so much, but the experience taught us to catch on quick in school. It also broadened our horizons by meeting so many people from various walks of life. This constant moving continued throughout my adult life; oddly enough, I am constantly homesick for Chicago although I have a small, comfortable house in Las Vegas. I guess the soaring heat (it was 112 yesterday) has dulled my memory of 60 below zero.

– Keep writing & keep sharing! Cronin Detzz


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