Father's Green Eyes

A crumbling Spanish castle
adorning the Mediterranean Sea
a kite in my small hands
my father on bended knee

“See the world, and the beauty in it?”
My youthful nod (his reply, odd)
“Compared to heaven, it’s a pile of shit”

Why did he need to spoil that sunny day?
Why were his lessons always imparted this way?

I already knew the world and the ugliness therein,
I already wore fear and sadness as a second skin

So I released the kite into sun-drenched skies
Admired God’s work, shunning illusory lies
I shifted my view, envisioned the castle anew
Saw the world askew
through my father’s green eyes

-Cronin Detzz

My father said this to me when were in Spain, admiring the sea and the Spanish castles.  It was an odd way for him to burst my bubble of joy, but it was a teachable moment from his perspective.  We had been raised to honor God and learn our true purpose for being born into this worldly realm.  I have been coping with writer’s block lately, mostly due to life’s pressures and struggling with health issues.  I’ve been kinder to myself lately, and after some needed bed rest my Muse and I are back on speaking terms.  Keep writing & keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


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