These Are the 21 Female Authors You Should Be Reading


On Monday, Donna Tartt won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for The Goldfinch. It was no surprise, really, since the much-anticipated novel made the New York Times best-seller list during its first week on the shelves. The book was so popular that people flocked to the Frick Collection in record numbers to see the titular painting that features heavily in the Dickensian plot.

Tartt takes a notoriously long time to write her novels: The Goldfinch took 11 years, and she says that we may have to wait just as long for her next book. So now that you’ve finished The Goldfinch — and her other two books, The Secret History and The Little Friend — what to read next to tide you over? At the beginning of 2014, writer and illustrator Joanna Walsh began the Twitter hashtag #readwomen2014 in an effort to encourage readers to pick up more books…

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He is not rising

Because he never fell

He gave us everlasting thirst

So that we drink from The Well


He gives us hot sunshine

To appreciate the rain

He gives us religious pillows of comfort

For all our worldly pain


The spear of Longinus

Did not kill The King

When we finally surrender to His Will

We lose our egos and receive everything


46 Top Websites to Promote Your Book for FREE

Excellent list of sites that will promote your book…keep writing & keep sharing! Cronin Detzz

Savvy Writers & e-Books online

Book Store Stand out Against Thousands of Books

Added June 23, 2013:

Dear Reader:  This list of websites, which we compiled in March 2012, grew in the meantime to almost 100.  Please visit our two new blog posts with even more possibilities to announce your work for free:

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Original Article from March 11, 2012:

1. Goodreads
Use your free membership to promote yourself and your books. Reviews are essential and reviews on Goodreads site help your book to really stand out to millions of visitors.

2. Wattpad
Wattpad has experienced explosive growth since its inception and has become the world’s most popular destination to publish and…

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Poem: Be Here Now

In the now,
time drips like a leaky faucet
I’m pulling weeds
the sun warms my back
my family rests in the safety of inside
my mind rests in the safety of my skull

No poisoned darts of yesterday will find their mark
No future entanglements ensnare this precious moment
And when this moment slips into what was
another moment jumps in joy, blaring his trumpet of arrival


I go on pulling weeds
Thanking the sun, thanking Spring
Thanking the now for the safety it can bring
Thanking the weeds for pulling me outside
Thanking the illusion of time for pulling me aside
Grateful to grandfather clock
for showing me the why, the how,
The peaceful surrender
to be here now

-Cronin Detzz

Be Here Now-CroninDetzz

When writing, we are often  not in the present.  We are thinking ahead to our next chapter or we are applying lessons and characters from our past.  Next time you encounter writer’s block, try living in that very moment.

Keep writing & keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz

Direct Opposition–Part III

Great advice from a fellow blogger: your conflicts have to move the plot along. As I told my husband last night, every scene must be NECESSARY. I’m reading Game of Thrones, and I love the creativity, but the books need a word diet. (I say this with respect to the author, Mr. Martin is a genius.)

Chronicles of the Scribe

Continuing my series on conflict created by various types of villains, here’s the list I’ve been discussing:

Concealed villains
Visible villains

I’m ready now to look at the category I call enemies.

It’s certainly possible for your story protagonist to have an enemy. This implies a past history between the two individuals, one that fuels their motivations for opposing each other. Or the enemy may be an opponent in warfare, from the other side.

But in this post, I want to discuss enemies in plural form, as in … not personal enemies, not Snoopy versus the Red Baron, but in terms of the protagonist coping with several villains, one after the other.

The hapless–rather hopeless–Wilbur Writer, still enthusiastically blundering along, has formed the less-than-brilliant intention of generating conflict for his novel by pitting Peter Protagonist against an entire series of villains–one after the next.

As soon as…

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