Poem: Water Avatar's Dream by Cronin Detzz
Poem: Water Avatar’s Dream by Cronin Detzz

724,000 years ago, I stood near my lake

I longed to drink, but had no thirst to slake

I gazed at my reflection, shimmering back at me

Blue of skin, like the sky and sea


My dharma was water

My dharma was to sustain

My power: locked in the waves

My power: released in the rain


~~ Holding the cosmos together

through the gift of water ~~


In those peaceful, misty days

I grew restless in the watery haze

My dream of being human thus burst

to feel the damp!  to swim with fish!

to quench a thirst!  my only wish!


The Bringer of Light granted my desire

And I was born into a fire

A bucket of water dampened the blaze

My soul briefly few back to halcyon days


But again and again I was reborn

stuck in the wheel of earthly form

My water lords and my astral kin

dessicated the water that cleanses my sin


“I long to return to my sparkling cave,

and leave far behind earth’s watery grave”


the Lord of Lords heard my plea

threw me into a poet’s aching body

sent me away to distant, dry lands

tossed me onto Nevada’s scorching sands


Never again

will I stray from home

Always, amen

bathe in the wonderful waterfall of Om

– Cronin Detzz

Inspiration:  during a meditation, I imagined regressing into a past life as an Avatar representing water.  I don’t know where the era of 724,000 years came from, but it is best to trust your muse and write whatever surfaces without censoring thoughts too much.  One of the important tactics in overcoming writer’s block is to honor the creative process and write the words that come to you.  Don’t get stuck in edit mode for too long.  Keep writing & keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz 


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