Before I was inspired to blog, I had to ask myself WHY.  I work full time, I’m raising a family, and I squeeze writing into spare moments.  My life is already taxing, so why would I add on more work?

Cronin Detzz Why Are You Blogging

I especially have to use my energy wisely because I have fibromyalgia.  It is a terribly painful disease that saps precious energy.  One day, I had an epiphany: “Forget about the fibromyalgia.  Be the change that you seek.”  The “change” I seek is to be published by a strong publisher with wide appeal. So how could I “be” a publisher?

I self published, and it was a good educational experience. But being self published is not aligned with the axiom of “being” the change that I seek. How could I give back to an industry that has meant so much to me?

I realized that I could blog – but not with the intent to self promote. My goal is to mentor writers and support poets. In this small way, I hope to help others overcome writer’s block and let writers know that they are not alone in their trials and tribulations. Someone mentored me. It only seems right that I should return the favor. If I’ve helped just one person through this minor contribution, then I am thrilled!

Why do YOU blog? Many of you blog in order to grow your audience. Don’t stop! But what other goals do you have in conjunction with your blog? I’d love to hear from you.

Keep writing & keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


14 thoughts on “WHY ARE YOU BLOGGING?

  1. I started blogging because, in the event that I ever got published, I wanted a platform to promote my book…but over the course of many posts, my feelings toward blogging changed. Connecting with other bloggers and reading other blogs made me like blogging for blogging’s sake. 🙂

    • Michellejoycebond, I’m so glad you keep blogging – it is important for writers to share their resources as you do. I bet that many writers had the same intent of promoting their book, only to realize that we are connecting and resonating with one another – unforeseen bonuses. I wish that I could blog more often, but between my full-time job as an accountant and spending time with family and managing my fibromyalgia – well, I do what I can with the resources that the universe gives to me. Is your book published yet? I read your profile, I’d love to see a snippet of your novel. Keep writing & keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz

  2. A great question. i wish I had a great answer to go with it. I wanted to engage people at first and yes, interest them in my books. Then it became an outlet for self-expression. But I’m either not saying anything that anyone else wants to hear or I have a lot of extremely quiet people reading along. Either way, when I have the time, I just write and let the chips fall where they may.

  3. Like some of you guys, I started blogging because I hope to be published someday and wanted to have a writer’s blog for when that happened. And much of what I write about is my writing process and what inspires my writing. But I also used to put these long, sometimes rambling, posts on Facebook about whatever was under my skin or something I felt strongly about. At some point, I concluded that what I was doing was basically blogging, except it was on Facebook where it would quickly disappear from the view of the folks I wanted to read it.
    Sadly, I fear my blog is still lost in the sea of other voices. It’s partly for me, but I also write it in the hopes that people will read it and interact, which just isn’t happening. I think what I’ve been missing is this. If I want people to interact with me, I need to interact first.

    • Yes, Joe Stephens, you nailed it! Facebook is fun for comments and brief group interaction. If you haven’t already done so, try joining a few groups or start one of your own. Keep writing & keep sharing

  4. I found you a Google+ and I’m glad I did! I blog because if I don’t, I have these little conversations in my head and won’t go away until I write them down. Plus, it’s a great feeling to know that other people are reading what I’m writing, even when it has little impact on anything.

    Keep writing! I enjoy it!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I looked at your blog – yes, words can inspire the world! It is so interesting to find out why bloggers blog. Keep writing & keep sharing – Cronin Detzz

  5. I started blogging for much of the same reason you did, help other writers. What I found was that they were helping me too. I too love this community. I’m now following you because I share your views.

  6. Started blogging out of curiosity – and I saw it as a good way to write something every day, to keep focused on writing.
    Later, my blog became my main tool for keeping a conversation going – I moved from a big city to a very small village in the countryside, and theblog was a place to meet people and exchange views.
    In time, my blog also turned into the hub of my self-publishing “platform” – and there things changed: the number of readers grew, but my blog became the place where strangers were thrashing my opinions, dissing my work and expressing their hostility.
    Last week I shut down my blog – after seven years, 3000+ posts and over one million views.
    It was very bad – but now I’m fine (and I have another blog 🙂 )

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