The rained pummeled His roof
for days and days
When the leaden clouds parted
He was lifted from His haze

So He built an impossibly long table
Draped it with black velvet
And littered it with diamonds

The newborn twinkling stars
Surely never shown so bright
The nascent moon
Surely never looked so kind
As they did on that first cloudless night

God reclined on his couch, satisfied
Took a nap
And dreamed up man
To be a willing audience,
To appreciate His nocturnal nativity
– Cronin Detzz 2013




Summerdream Birthday Wish-Cronin Detzz

Take me to a magic summerplace
Where duality does not exist
Where pale, cold pain cannot remain
And love’s warmth cannot resist

In my heavenly summer realm
Majestic thunderheads will purpley flume
evanescent rain will fall like shiny copper pennies
As amber dew drops adorn tiger lilies in bloom

I dream of a shimmering place
Where the darkness cannot comprehend
Where sunflowers laugh (and in harmony, sing!)
And beautifully long summer days never end

O take me to that place
Where stone-cold hearts cannot exist
Where mother nature goldenly smiles
And gentle jasmine breezes are sun-kissed

Where happiness cannot perish
And nothing turns to dust
Where moth and rust cannot corrupt
Games of hopscotch spontaneously erupt

Through the august fires of August
Death’s piercing eyes will go blind with shame
Warmongers and fearmongers will be vanquished
The four apocalyptic horses will go lame

The soft lichens hug strong boulders
Like verdigris upon a bronze statue
while in my summer realm, skin is not white
nor black, nor Hare Krishna blue

In my eternal summerplace
Hatred will wither and die
ice cream drips down sticky elbows
Cotton candy clouds pinkly float by

Cartwheels in the manicured green
A sparkling lake lazily licks the shore
O summer, swathed in gold and green
So full of love, I couldn’t ask for more
– Cronin Detzz, 2013

Keep writing and keep sharing!

Writing and Formatting Poetry

Have you given much thought to formatting your poetry? It’s usually obvious to the poet as to where the stanza breaks should occur, but sometimes it is fun to play with the visual aspect of your art form.

For example, if you are writing a poem about the waves of the ocean, giving succeeding lines some indentations or extra spaces could make each line reach the right-hand margin of the page and then come crashing back to the left side.

WordPress provides some great tips for formatting your poetry. This link even gives basic instructions on writing html – a pretty simple language used by web software. Here is the link. Have fun with it! (Click on the link or copy and paste into your browser):

-Keep writing and keep sharing! Cronin Detzz