What are 3 books that changed your life? Why? How did these books “find” you?

Some books are highly entertaining and memorable. This question, however, asks you to dig deeper into the epiphanies and revelations of particular stories that have inspired you.

My three books are:
1. “Mans Search for Meaning” by Dr. Victor Frankl
2. “Wizard of Oz” by Frank L. Baum
3. “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes

“Mans Search for Meaning” was given to me by my boss at a time when I was extremely disheartened and ill. Dr. Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, explores which mental fortitudes enabled prisoners to survive. This book reminds me of my favorite quote, which is taped to my fridge. “In the absence of certainty, there is always hope.”

“Wizard of Oz” is my favorite fairy tale because it reminds us that there’s no place like home, that we already possess all the gifts we need to craft an amazing life, and that women will do anything for ruby slippers!

“Flowers for Algernon” was required reading in 7th grade. The writer uses a masterful style of compiling a diary that shows the progression of a scientific experiment conducted on a man of very limited intellectual capacity. The experiment is a success, raising his I.Q. from drastic lows to astronomical heights. The subject grows his mind all the way to a state of nirvana. This book gives me hope that God reaches from His omnipotent realm down to our low state of being. The story begs us to question how much knowledge is truly necessary in order to reach Him.

There are many other books that have inspired our writing style, entertained us, and helped inspire us to remove our writer’s blocks. On your list of top three books, do you notice that not only have they influenced the direction of your core values, they have also given you direction in your writing style?

As writers, we must remember to treasure those unique tomes that moved our spirits. If you need motivation to get past a writer’s block, re-read your top three books.

Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz



  1. For me (Was this a rhetorical question? Still, I want to answer), the first book would have to be the Bible, for so many reasons. The beautiful language that we used to speak, was so influenced by the King James version, and, the more I study this book, the more I realize what an enormous impact its had on western society, and on the lives of so many individuals, and I don’t mean simple spiritual guidance, but that, in some cases it was one of the only books people had, and it was something in common, and something that stretched back in time, and persists today. For whatever good or ill anyone might view it with.

    The second is the nine princes in amber by Roger Zelazny, and the third is the Flinx and Pip series by Alan Dean Foster. I grew up with those books, and, in the case of Flinx, he has grown up with me! Is that an eclectic mix?

    Your advice is wonderful, though. I love the writing style, the voices of all three of these books, though what I love about Flinx isn’t so much style, its what I remember it bringing to my life at an early age. Zelazny is a voice though. It is style, and the Good Book is all of that and something more as well, though I love the poetic flow of the King James version.

    • Definitely not a rhetorical question, it is something writers can usually answer but it is difficult because we enjoy so many books. I expected the bible to be at the top of many lists. The 3 books we pick say a lot about our character and our deepest convictions. Thank you for sharing your list

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