Feed me!  Anagram Poetry by Cronin Detzz
Feed me! Anagram Poetry by Cronin Detzz

A new challenge for your inner poet! Tackle your poetry writing block with an anagram of your name. The longer your name is, the more words you might find, but this is not always the case.
1. Start by choosing the name you’d like to anagram. I recommend starting with your own name. If you’d like to write an anagram for your ma (nice Mother’s Day or birthday gift!) And her name is Jane Doe, you might want to also use her maiden name or make an anagram from a short phrase, like:”Jane Doe, the greatest mother ever.”
2. Make a list of words. Give yourself extra points if you can create a word without using the same letter twice. For instance, Jane Doe only has one “d,” so challenge yourself to use words that require only one “d.” “Jane Doe, the greatest mother ever” contains words like an, and, are, as, dart, dear, do, don’t, even, emote, gem, go, great, has, hath, heat, meager, mood, more, neat, nod, node, need, never, one, ogre, onto, over, read, remote, rev, she, so, some, son, stand, tart, tear, test, them, there, ton, vest. I’m sure you’ll find more, as well.
3. Expand your word list, remembering word prefixes and suffixes. It is similar to playing a game of Scrabble or doing a good old fashioned word search. For example, many words end in “-tion,” “-est,” and “-ly.” Many words begin with “pre-,” “in,” or “re.” Our example contains retest, greater, greatest.
4. Look for short articles such as “in” or “the.” You may find different insects or animals as well. This example has a doe, a dog, a deer and a moth. Keep your mind open.
5. Finally, see what you can string together. Don’t worry if it doesn’t rhyme. If you need a few more words, try rewriting all the letters in a jumbled order and your eyes will pick up new combinations.
Jane, a dear mother, a gem
Great to meet, she is neat
Never a greater heart
Most others never even start
She stands the test
Dare to meet the greatest
A hero, she has the “mostest”
Psychics say that our names have a vibration that is unique to each of us. Guess that makes me “so cozy!”
Keep writing and keep sharing!
– Cronin “Suzy” Detzz



  1. This is much easier if you start with an online anagram generator. Once you have some major variations in front of you you can make more using unusual words and initials. Many lines that don’t make sense by themselves can be salvaged in surprising ways when juxtaposed with other lines. I have made nearly a hundred anagrams from my full name, including a 28-line racy poem with a 10-page tongue-in-cheek exegesis delving into Cabala, Sanskrit, Scots Mythology, Greek Mythology, Japanese etymology and more.

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